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The Lunch menu

Monday to Saturday

The proposed formulas

Main course + gourmet coffee : 60 000 Ar
Main course + dessert : 70 000 Ar
Starter + main course : 75 000 Ar
Starter + main course + dessert : 95 000 A
(1 small bottle of mineral water included)

Floral salad of fresh vegetable with mozzarella,
30,000 Ar
little broccoli soup with parmesan cheese
Zucchini flan on a pallet of ocean fruits
32,000 Ar
with chives oil, aïiolis vegetable crown, quail eggs
Grouper tartare with seasonal fruit
35,000 Ar
and herbs, salad heart
Cesar salad
37,000 Ar
(Minimum wait 20 mn)
Salad of La Varangue
40,000 Ar
(Minimum wait 20 mn)
Terrine of foie gras
40,000 Ar
with the scent of Madagascar peppers
Poultry cutleys with aromatic herbs,
38,000 Ar
truffle cream, crumb of vegetables
Fillet of zebu sautéed with tsiperifery
39,000 Ar
Braised duck fillets with warm greens,
39,000 Ar
sautéed rice with herbs
Sliced pork lacquered
40,000 Ar
with honey and fresh ginger, carry moguls, white rice,
Duck supreme with raspberry,
46,000 Ar
saffron rice gratin with mushrooms
31,000 Ar
(vegetable cake, quail eggs, rash achards)
34 000 Ar
(Flamish, moussaka, vegetables, mogette, quinoa, gratin)
Trio of tarts, lemon, pear, peach
25,000 Ar
Combava soufflé and lemon sorbet
25,000 Ar
Vanilla crème brûlée
25,000 Ar
Pineapple basil version
26,000 Ar
(Cream and sorbet pineapple basil, perfect pineapple glaze)
Chocolate and vanilla ice cream coulant
26,000 Ar
Pancakes Suzette
29,000 Ar

Out of formula

Captain’s carpaccio with lemon oil
45 000 Ar
and pistou sauce
Pan-fried fish fillet in flavoured oil,
52 500 Ar
sautéed vegetables
Papillote of ocean fruits with lemongrass scent
57 500 Ar
(Minimum wait 25mn)
Chef’s suggestion

Service: 10% extra

Cut off your schedule to reserve a table