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Restaurant menu La varangue

In harmony with the atmosphere, we offer a traditional Malagasy cuisine and European specialties. A card renewed regularly. For your business meals or meetings, a private room for up to 14 people is available.


Mushroom clafoutis with vegetables of the day
30,000 Ar
Vegetable gratin with artichokes and hearts of palm
37,000 Ar
37,000 Ar
Quinoa tabbouleh, ratatouille, mogettes, vegetable flamiche, sautéed new potatoes, yellow rice with vegetables

The freshness (Our salads)

Plate of sambos or spring rolls from La Varangue
17,000 Ar

Floral vegetable salad with mozzarella,
30,000 Ar
and small broccoli soup with parmesan
Mafana and shrimp brèdes salad, quinoa tabbouleh
40,000 Ar
Caesar salad from La Varangue
40,000 Ar
Chef's salad `` Calamar, smoked swordfish, foie gras ''
60,000 Ar


Terrine of foie gras
45 000 Ar
with the scent of Madagascar peppers, tomato and onion compote
Captain Carpaccio at I' olive oil
45 000 Ar
and lemon with the scent of combava
Cheese board
45 000 Ar
Red tuna tartare with wasabi vinaigrette
50,000 The


Warm squid crunch with vegetables,
35,000 Ar
tsiperifery dressing
Fruit gratin from I' ocean and vegetables
45 000 Ar
with the scent of pesto
Pan of foie gras with caramelized apricots,
45 000 Ar
and dried fruits
Egg casserole with mushrooms and foie gras
45 000 Ar

On earth

Pan-fried zebu fillet with tsiperifery, gratin dauphinois
42 000 Ar
Sliced ​​pork glazed with honey and fresh ginger, lemon pickles, mogettes, rice
44,000 Ar
romazava Royal
45 000 Ar
Beef cheek fondant with balsamic vinegar, small vegetables with herbs
50,000 The
Pan-fried prime rib with Madagascar peppers, potato gratin with vegetables
50,000 The
L'agneau de la ferme (selon arrivage), légumes sautés ou gratin de pomme de terre ou riz
60,000 Ar
Pan-fried veal chop in I' flavored oil, rosemary sauce, new apples
110,000 Ar
Pan-seared zebu medallions with morel cream, Japanese sweets, baby vegetables
125,000 Ar
Pan-fried Charolais entrecote, pepper sauce
165,000 Ar

Poultry from our farm

Chicken cutlet
40,000 Ar
baked with lemongrass cream, multicolored vegetables
Free-range chicken casserole with truffle cream,
45 000 Ar
vegetable flamiche, new apples
Raspberry duck supreme,
50,000 The
saffron risotto
Roast quail stuffed with mushroom duxelles,
50,000 The
sweet potato gratin

Over the water

Half-cooked red tuna with passion vinaigrette,
50,000 The
sautéed vegetables
Pan-fried grouper fillet at I' scented oil,
54,000 Ar
white passionate butter, sautéed vegetables
Fruit casserole from I' ocean cream' dill,
63,000 Ar
steamed vegetables
Walnut St. Jacques
130,000 Ar
snackées à l'huile d'olive et beurre de citron, pommes de terre rissolées
Gourmet coffee
17,000 Ar
20,000 Ar
Kaffir lime soufflé and lemon sorbet (20 min wait)
24 000 Ar
Seasonal fruit gratin
25,000 Ar
Panacotta with red fruits
25,000 Ar
Vanilla crème brûlée
25,000 Ar
Crêpes Suzette (flambéed in front of you)
29,000 Ar
29,000 Ar
Garden raspberry or seasonal fruit tart
26,000 Ar
Ô! Pleasure of the Varangue
26,000 Ar
(Coconut - Salted Choco-peanut)
All Chocolate
26,000 Ar
Chocolate coulant and homemade ice cream
26,000 Ar
Frozen Profiteroles
30,000 Ar
`` Vanilla, koba, raspberry ''

Service: 10% extra

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