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Lunch Menu


Plate of sambos or names of La Varangue , salad
18 000 Ar
Caesar salad
40,000 Ar
Chef salad
60,000 Ar
Squid, smoked swordfish, foie gras

Fresh Starters

Foie gras terrine, sour apple compote
45 000 Ar

Captain's carpaccio with olive oil and lemon
45 000 Ar

Hot Starters

Mangrove crab puff pastry,
55 000 Ar
red root vinaigrette
Soup of the day
26,000 Ar

Main Courses

Zebu fillet with wild pepper, gratin dauphinois
45 000 Ar
Sliced chicken with lemon and coriander, rice
45 000 Ar
Tartare of zebu La Varangue, parmesan and truffle butter, New potatoes
65 000 Ar
Blanquette of beef with Madagascar vanilla, small vegetables and pommes mousselines
55 000 Ar
Pork lacquered with honey and fresh ginger, young wine glazed carrot,
54,000 Ar
Pan-fried duck supreme with cranberries and peach wine
60,000 Ar
- small vegetables and potato cromesquis
Club sandwich
45 000 Ar
(Chicken, bacon, avocado, fried potatoes)

Fish and Seafood

Shrimp fricassee with small vegetables and pesto, rice
55 000 Ar
60,000 Ar
*Upon arrival and fishing day
Cheese platter
45 000 Ar
Gourmet coffee
22,000 The
Homemade red berries Panna cotta
26,000 Ar
Vanilla creme brulee
30,000 Ar
Seasonal fruit pies
28,000 The
Lemon meringue pie
28,000 The
Homemade ice cream and sorbets
28,000 The
34 000 Ar

Service : 10% extra charge

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